Welcome to Sew Masks for KC

First, know that we are organizing people by how they apply to 3 categories. Please read the descriptions and tick the boxes that would apply to you.
Makers / Actually Creating the Masks : These people are using their skills in a safe environment in their home to create masks. Information we share will be about the production of masks, safety, and what to do once you have them.
Volunteers : These people are helping in other ways, such as helping manage information flow, gather and coordinate information from places that need mask, donating supplies, or helping prep supplies in ways that do not require sewing.
Requesting Parties : These people are representatives of a location/business/organization that needs and will actively use homemade masks.

Safety and cleanliness is important during this pandemic. However you choose to participate, please stay safe and healthy.

EVERYONE is suggested to regularly disinfect their tools including sewing machine, scissors, pins, and work space. Additionally, fabric should be cleaned. Wash your hands thoroughly for a minimum of 20 seconds before working on your masks, and use a mask & gloves if you can. When masks are done (and laundered) place them in a clean, seal-able bag (like Ziplock) to keep them in that condition.

Wash your hands frequently. Be prepared to wipe down bags, boxes, bins (etc). Wear masks & gloves when going into new settings (such as delivering to a nursing home) for your safety and the safety of those that need the masks.

The CDC has provided instructions for best practices when using masks. For a downloadable PDF Click here