Information for Makers

Hello Makers! Thank you for dedicating your time, skill, and effort into helping us protect the people working in essential, life-saving positions. The shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is putting a lot of people in danger, and these homemade masks can help in a lot of ways. Here is some information.

There are several patterns of masks available at the moment, and we have a link on our “Navigation Page” for a few of the most common patterns. The link also has buttons that can take you to a few different tutorials. Some locations are asking for specific masks, but many locations are accepting any-and-all masks. Every (clean) mask will be used! Please be aware of how to describe your masks (pleated/fitted/elastic attachments/tied attachments). This will help when it comes time to find them homes



Maker Agreement

Here are links to help you as you starting sewing: 

A.B Mask- For a Nurse By A Nurse          Click here

The Deaconess                                           Click here

The Olson                                                     Click here

The Stitching Scientist Pattern                Click here

Moda 1 / Craft Passion  Pattern              Click here

Moda 2 / Arndt Pattern                             Click here

Urban Threads Embroidery                       Click here


Video Tutorials

Fabric Face Mask                                                         Click here

How to Sew a Close-Fitted Fabric Face Mask        Click here

DIY Covid-19 Fabric Mask (with Filter Pocket)       Click here

How To Make Face Mask With Filter Pocket          Click here 

How to Make a DIY Pleat Jig                                     Click here                          

N95 Style Mask (Filti Fabric)                                      Click here                        

Self- Reported Materials Link                                      Click here to update

Self -Reported Donations                                            Coming Soon       

Please use the following labels:
Instructions:                                                                 Instructions PDF        
Information:                                                                  Information PDF